Scandia Gear

Scandia Gear

For nearly half a century now, we are specialised in the design, production, and delivery of safety apparel and PPE to the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries. We are a family business, deeply connected to the work of our longstanding clients and committed to protecting the crews we outfit and equip.
Our extensive range of essential safety products includes coveralls, footwear, gloves, galley wear, personal protective equipment, off duty leisure wear, and everything you need for work in extreme conditions. Defined by strength, style, durability, and compliance with applicable norms and standards, our product line is backed by competitive pricing, rapid worldwide delivery from stock, and excellent after sales service.
Given the primacy in our work of ensuring the safety and health of workforces at sea, we are committed to protecting the ecosystems that surround us and to creating a more socially responsible supply chain. With these commitments, as always, there are no compromises.
Direct from Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston, and Dubai to wherever you are at sea.
We are Scandia Gear.
Maritime Outfitters since 1974.

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