The Start of AffiMedia

AffiMedia started as a Dutch based Email network, with a worldwide focus. We dare to think bigger and aim for the greatest success. In the meantime we added internal media buying (Native, SMS and Social Media campaigns) activities.  In the past years, our dedicated and skilled team has managed to build the  successful, innovative and flexible business that we wished to be. Now, with over 500 partners, we operate daily from our office in the South of The Netherlands 

Our committed team of digital marketing professionals works directly with Advertisers and Publishers to gain a thorough grasp of their business goals. We assist clients in implementing realistic and attainable advertising strategies that result in higher lead and sales productivity by asking questions and conducting detailed conversion flow analysis.

AffiMedia is a revenue-generating machine for its clients. Monthly, we generate millions of clicks and revenues. Our performance-based advertising strategy enables a commercial potential known as “Risk-Free Advertising”. Advertisers only pay AffiMedia when a genuine commissionable activity is completed, such as the submission of a lead or the purchase of an e-commerce-based product.

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